Guidance & Healing

Guidance & Healing
There are times when we need someone to help when dissatisfaction infiltrates every day and manifests as not feeling competent, not living one’s purpose, no longer accepting relationships as they are, general irritability and sadness.

Strengthening Couples

Strengthening Couples
Are you hoping to renew the passion and joy in your relationship? Wondering if you and your spouse or partner can deepen your sense of aliveness? Using positive communication, we open the door to healing and connection.

Sustaining Families

Sustaining Families
Families have complex histories, dynamics, and emotions that may compete with–and often challenge–peace and respect between parents, young and adult children, and siblings.  Learn how hope can lead to harmony.

Rooted in Relationship, Growing in Connection.

Clarity Mediations is a place to turn to if you are...

…hoping to renew or deepen the passion and joy in your relationship

…wondering if it is possible to reconnect and feel alive together

…desiring more harmony in your home or family

…searching for greater clarity, purpose, and a way to calm inner conflict

…thinking about divorce and wondering if you have ‘tried everything’

…looking for a specialist to guide you


Clarity Mediations is a place for people to turn in the Greater Rochester, New York area, to  deepen meaningful communication and connection and to resolve conflicts in ways that build trust and respect while increasing your awareness and understandings. Here you will be entrusted to create solutions to your problems with guidance informed by over 30 years combined professional experience in mediation, facilitation, advocacy, human rights and counseling.


We will help you to:

View conflict as an opportunity for personal and relational growth

Affirm your voice and both listen to and hear that of others

Respond rather than react, so that your relationships are more honest, joyful and alive

 Email us to set up an appointment or call 585-421-0518.

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