Circles—a safe place to explore personal empowerment and healing through deference to the wisdom of a group and honest dialogue.

Circles today reflect ancient traditions of indigenous peoples and cultures around the world. Through circle gatherings, community and communication is strengthened by upholding principles of respect and deference to the wisdom of the group. Circles are a way to empower people both individually and collectively and enhance their well-being. Circles serve as containers strong enough to hold the intensity of truth, the expression of deep emotions and the stillness of silence.

By providing a safe and sacred place for honest dialogue in community, the circle process allows people to share feelings about experiences they hold in common, honor significant events in their lives, celebrate occasions, support each other by listening, confront changes or conflict in their lives and create space for healing. Trust, truth and healing often emerge from the opportunity to share intentions, feelings, concerns, fears, hopes, pain and joy in witnessed, intimate and respectful community.

Circles of Caring

“Circles of Caring” is one option to help people who are experiencing the end of a relationship to honor their past and move forward with lighter heart. By connecting through conversations, they may help participants clarify how to relate differently to former lovers or spouses, friends, and relatives. They may deepen acceptance of changed relationships, support children and enhance self-understanding.

Circle Process Customization

The circle process can be used for many other purposes including resolving conflict; restoring justice; building relationships; creating personal, business, educational or spiritual goals; developing inclusive practices; learning respect; strengthening families; and identifying unifying values. Gail Ferraioli can design and facilitate a circle to meet your specific needs.


“Rooted in Relationship, Growing in Connection.”

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