There are times in one’s life when dissatisfaction infiltrates every day and manifests as not feeling competent, not living one’s purpose, no longer accepting relationships under past and present terms, general irritability, quickness to feeling disappointed, lack of energy and concentration, or wondering about one’s place in the world.

At these moments, it is clear that change is needed even when there is uncertainty about how to make it or embrace it.

Before outer changes can be effectively made, it is critical for inner change to occur. With Clarity, you can be taught ways to access your true nature, become more clearly aware of your intentions and be guided how to reach your goals, feel fulfilled, achieve an energetic calm and accept the wisdom of the heart through different modalities, such as…

  • Mindfulness
  • Spiritual Aspirations
  • Careful Listening
  • Compassionate Communications with Self and with Others
  • Reflection and Expression
  • Creative Consciousness
  • Practice Rehearsals for Difficult Conversations

…you may come to clarity and peace and calm your inner conflict with compassion, creativity and confidentiality.

**Path - Personal Guidance & Healing

“Rooted in Relationship, Growing in Connection.”

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