Parents & Children

Families are rich with complex histories, dynamics, and emotions that sometimes compete with and often challenge harmony between parents, between siblings, and between parents and their young children, teens, and adult children. The sharing of feelings, needs, personal goals, and hopes for the family is facilitated by Clarity Mediations to ensure that each person is given voice in a manner that leads to better understanding by other family members and new paths to sustain both individual empowerment and family cohesiveness.

Through mediation, coaching, and facilitating, families can…

  • Effect improved relationships between parents and children of all ages
  • Reduce battles between siblings
  • Lessen conflicts over conduct
  • Identify shared values and responsibilities
  • Develop methods to resolve or manage future conflict

Elder Care

As the needs of parents change and various types of support from their children increase, stresses sometimes occur between parents and their adult children and between siblings who hold different ideas about their parents’ circumstances. At Clarity Mediations, family members can…

  • Openly discuss their opinions, personal needs and hopes for the family
  • Understand and help formalize parents’ wishes for specific funeral arrangements, wills, and independence, as much as possible
  • Create agreements about inclusive communication; maximizing independence; divisions of responsibilities for providing physical care, financial support or oversight; arrangements for residential service and medical care; and when to hold difficult conversations.

“Rooted in Relationship, Growing in Connection.”

**Rushing Stream - Mediation

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