People are innately capable of accessing their own wisdom with the right support. Because life’s difficulties sometimes obscure the path to problem-solving in a peaceful manner, conflict can arise as much out of fear, anger and self-defense, as well as from differences that present themselves as insurmountable.

Conflict is friction between two or more forces that creates opportunity for growth, transformation and a positive flow of information and energy.

At Clarity Mediations, people are guided with compassion to listen, reflect and suspend judgment of themselves and others in order to see a clear way to live with deeper inner peace, and connection to others and the world.

Vision & Mission

Clarity Mediations envisions that individuals, couples, families, and organizations will choose respectful means of relating through times of difficulty, change, and celebration to promote peace and healing in their lives and those of others.

The mission of Clarity Mediations is to empower and encourage adults, families and children to optimize their interpersonal skills and self-understanding to promote an inner sense of well-being, healthy communication and harmonious and trust-filled relationships through mediation, facilitation, teaching, guidance, and referral.

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